Understanding Rhinoplasty Surgery

Changing the shape or reducing the size of the nose is a common operation. The aim of a good rhinoplasty is to provide a harmoniously shaped nose with regard to the other features of

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Changing the shape or reducing the size of the nose is a common operation. The aim of a good rhinoplasty is to provide a harmoniously shaped nose with regard to the other features of the face, with a natural look, which does not draw attentiaon to itself. It should be undertaken in such a way that there are minimal complications and time off work.  

What are the most common reasons for people wanting nose operations?

Cosmetic reasons

Most people who dislike their nose have concerns about the bridge or the tip. At the bridge, or dorsum, people often complain about having a hump. Meanwhile, people who want to change the tip often see this part of the nose as being too wide, round, blobby, beaked or lacking in definition. Some people also dislike the length of their nose.

Medical reasons

Other patients may opt for a rhinoplasty because of an injury to the nose, whereby the nose may be broken or bent following an accident of some kind. Others may have functional breathing problems relating to the nasal airways. In these cases, surgical interventions would be considered reconstructive, whereas for the majority of nose operations the surgery is classed as cosmetic.

Nose operations are most commonly carried out to:

– Alter the hump at the bridge of the nose

– Reshape the tip of the nose

– Alter the length of the nose

– Alter the width of the nose

– Alter the width of the nostrils

– Open up the nasal airways to help breathing.

Whether you’ve decided you want to move forward with having a nose job, or you’re still unsure about the procedure, there are specific benefits to rhinoplasty surgery.

– Improve breathing: For those who suffer with congenital or long-term breathing issues, correcting the nose can help significantly with breathing.

– Confidence: A nose job can help boost your self-esteem.

– Sinus problems: Headaches, constant nasal congestion, and sinus pressure may be alleviated with rhinoplasty.

– Broken nose: Repairing a broken nose – no matter the cause – can relieve pain and improve appearance.

– Revision rhinoplasty: If the previous nose surgery doesn’t offer the desired results you want, or has caused problems with breathing, a revision procedure may correct it.

– Snoring: While snoring may be something you just deal with or try to remedy with over-the-counter products, it can have a significant impact on your sleep. Nose surgery may provide a permanent solution.

– Birth defects: Whether you have a lump, curve, or underdeveloped nose, surgery can help.

Rhinoplasty Dubai -Will I like my new look? 

Whilst many patients want to see the final result immediately upon removal of the splint and tapes, the presence of early swelling can be misleading and a premature judgement should not be made. By eight weeks the new shape of the nose will be clear but changes will continue for many more months. It is common for relatives and friends not to comment on any difference after a rhinoplasty. Do not consider such a reaction as an indication of failure, on the contrary if it looks better and natural it will go unnoticed. The intention is to create a new nose that draws little attention to itself and that blends into the overall features of your face in proper proportions.

Rhinoplasty Dubai – What are the possible complications? 

Complications are fortunately rare. The most common is persistent swelling around the nose. This should settle with time. Nose bleeds and infections are possible complications but extremely rare and easily corrected if early treatment is obtained. Should a nosebleed occur, then the first aid treatment is to sit with the head held backwards and plug the nostrils with some gauze or tissue.  Very occasionally a small secondary adjustment procedure will be required. This can usually be undertaken under local anaesthetic but it is difficult for patients to understand that the scarring on the nose must be allowed to mature and soften before this can be safely carried out. This usually means at least one year.

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