As their popularity continues to grow in the medical and cosmetic industries, stem cells are now being used for various non-surgical procedures. For patients looking for a natural way to refresh their complexions, stem cells are the perfect option. Stem cells are isolated and amplified from your own fat. You can delay and repair the effects of aging, returning elasticity and firmness to your face. They can also be combined with fat grafting for better results or to correct old scars.


In cooperation with the esteemed Bioscience lab for isolation and culture of the stem cells, a lab test is done first, and after a day or two, when the lab test result is available, some fat is gently harvested under local anaesthesia and sent to Bioscience lab for the preparation of stem cells, which takes about 3 weeks.


After the stem cells are ready, they can be injected under local anaesthesia in the clinic.


If the stem cells alone are injected, it can be an outpatient procedure. In some cases, if the stem cells need to be mixed with newly harvested fat, which is usually done as an inpatient procedure with a day in the hospital.


Injection of stem cells, although quite new, have not yet shown themselves to have any side effects, apart from standard side effects of any injection, such as bruising and swelling.


Some bruising and swelling is expected, whilst some redness also appears for the first few hours after injecting.


After the first few days of swelling and bruising, the recovery is very quick. However, the effect of stem cells on skin, or scar, will be visible for 3-6 months as new skin is developed.


When used as rejuvenation, stem cells help to improve skin quality and improve signs of skin aging, such as fine wrinkles. More than one treatment might be needed for optimal results.

Stem cell treatments


So far no dangers have been associated with the use of stem cells

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