Rhinoplasty Dubai | 18 December 201 Piezo is the world’s most innovative technology for rhinoplasty and nose reshaping. It is able to modify the internal structures of the nose with incredible precision and power,

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Rhinoplasty Dubai | 18 December 201

Piezo is the world’s most innovative technology for rhinoplasty and nose reshaping. It is able to modify the internal structures of the nose with incredible precision and power, yet it does not harm surrounding (non-targeted) soft tissue and skin. 

Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty has the ability to selectively act on bones and/or hard cartilage, without injuring soft tissues: skin, mucosa and flimsy cartilages such as the upper lateral cartilages and lower lateral cartilages. Importantly, the fracture lines created by Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty are very accurate and eliminate the risk of radiating fracture lines encountered with traditional rhinoplasty instruments.

What Does The Piezo System Treat?

The Piezo System can be used to treat various aesthetic, nose-related issues. The following are some of the common cosmetic problems it treats:

– crooked nose

– disproportionate or asymmetrical nose

– a hump on the nasal bridge

– excessively large nose

– overly wide nose

What are the advantages of The Piezo System?

– Narrows the nasal bridge with incredible precision

– Meticulously reduces dorsal humps under direct vision

– Selectively acts on bones or hard cartilage, leaving the surrounding 

  soft tissues undamaged

– Minimal trauma, bruising, and swelling

– Negligible risk of surgical bleeding

– Produces results with greater accuracy and predictability

How Does Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Work?

Traditional rhinoplasty and nose reshaping involve tools like osteotomes (hammer and chisels) and rasps (surgical files), potentially leading to collateral damage and trauma. This can compromise the surrounding soft tissue, as well as bony contour irregularities that can present after surgery. 

Thanks to recent technological advancements, the Piezo System is now available and is utilized by high-volume rhinoplasty surgeons intent on producing the best results. The Piezo ultrasonic device uses ultra-high frequency soundwaves to reshape the bony portions of the nose without damaging the surrounding soft tissue.

How Has Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Revolutionized Nose Surgery?

For over 100 years, traditional rhinoplasty techniques have been using the same instrumentation. Unlike other fields like orthopedic surgery where manual tools gave way to the precision of powered instrumentation, the tools used in rhinoplasty have not evolved and are largely the same as they were when Jacques Joseph performed the first cosmetic rhinoplasty in 1904. 

These surgeries were performed with a surgical hammer and chisel called an osteotome which has a direct correlation to bruising and swelling due to the unavoidable collateral trauma to the surrounding tissues. In addition, even in the most experienced hands, the “breaking of the bones” could occasionally lead to aberrant fracture patterns and undesirable results. A surgical file called a rasp is also used to essentially scrape bone but this is done blindly and by “feel.”

The recent introduction of the Piezo system vastly decreases the issues described above. In the right hands, the piezo device significantly reduces the risk of unwanted fracture patterns and contour abnormalities after surgery. It allows the surgeon to refine and reshape the bone structures with ultimate precision and under direct vision, ensuring no collateral damage to the surrounding tissues. This revolutionary tool allows Dr. Shahram to produce beautiful results with faster recovery, less bruising and swelling, and ultimately, better results

Nose surgeries should always be performed by a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeons using the latest and most advanced technologies. Dr. Shahram has made a commitment to his patients to give them the best possible surgical outcomes, and therefore after months of rigorous device testing, he decided to employ this incredible technology. During your consultation, Dr. Shahram can discuss how Piezo Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty can help ensure your results are precise, predictable and beautiful.

If you are considering any rhinoplasty procedure, please be sure to contact Dr. Shahram today. Dr. Shahram is the first plastic surgeon to use this technology in rhinoplasty dubai in the UAE and has extensive experience using it routinely since 2014.

Rhinoplasty Dubai | 18 December 201


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