Your face is the first thing people see about you, and it is often how you are remembered by the people you meet. Feeling self-conscious about your face can have a huge impact on your confidence and the way you feel when you meet new people.  

Cosmetic procedures of the face can encompass a wide range of treatments focused on different target areas; the ears, brows, eyes, nose, skin or general shape of the face, depending on your overall aesthetic goals. Whether you want to rebalance the proportions of your face, or simply just restore some youthfulness, Dr. Sajjadi can help give you the cosmetic outcome you have always wanted.

Dr. Sajjadi can help you to decide which of the cosmetic procedures will give you the desired results and leave you feeling confident and happy with your appearance. Dr. Sajjadi offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and would advise you to book in for a  consultation to find out more and see how he can help.

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