Mini Abdominoplasty

Improves the appearance of the abdominal area.

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Mini Abdominoplasty


A mini abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is limited to supra-pubic skin rioval (skin above the pubic area) and fat rioval using liposuction. The patient must have minimal to moderate skin redundancy, a small amount of abdominal fat, and minor to moderate muscle flaccidity. The surgeon aspirates the abdominal fat, rioves the supra-pubic skin redundancy, and in cases of muscle flaccidity, the medial part of the abdominal skin is rioved. Finally the skin is sutured with the umbilicus preserved.


One to three hours.


This surgery can be performed under general, epidural or local anesthesia with sedation, according to surgeon/patient preference.


Either is possible.

Possible Side Effects

Infection, bruising, delayed healing of the wound or keloid scaring in patients with this predisposition, and post-operative complications. Numbness of abdominal skin will recover after several months. Risks
In young, healthy patients the risk is low. Pulmonary ibolism is possible but very rare.


Post-operative pain relief is achieved with the use of long-duration effect local anesthetic. The same attention should be taken as for a general or gynecological surgery: seven to ten
days of post-operative care. Elastic compression of the abdomen must be used for four weeks.


The result will last many years, unless the patient gains weight or becomes pregnant.

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